Quintessentialism revolves around the possessions that surround us and shape our lives. We focus on our most valuable possessions, the ones inseparably connected to memories. Can we preserve the triggers to these memories, which we otherwise experience incidentally, and elevate them?

How can we capture the essence and the value of our most precious belongings through abstraction?

By dissecting possessions and letting yourself merge into the process we create a setting in which we gradually search for the abstraction of figurative form. By engaging in a physical process with the material and by dissecting the object, one can come closer to the essence of the memory.

We question the way we look at our belongings, and explore the boundaries. A religion we call Quintessentialism is the outcome of this radical view. We consider the dissecting of these objects a ceremonial act within this religion.

By converting to Quintessentialism one tries to capture the essence, the essence of our most valuable possessions, the quintessence of a memory.

In collaboration with Lena Braun, Levi van Gelder, Dorien Laan and Niene Laan.

Quintessentialism was presented at Ventura Lambrate, Salone Del Mobile 2017